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Plastic moulding Sydney

The injection process comprises with Plastic moulding Sydney in 4 simple steps which are:

  • Clamping -- At this stage, the mould is held securely by the hydraulically powered clamping unit which in change pushes the mould and exerts force to continue to keep it securely closed while being injected.
  • Injection -- The polymeric material which is obtainable in powder form is transferred directly into the injection moulding machine by the injection unit for melting. Once it is molten, it can be quickly injected into pressure packs below a certain temperature.

  • Cooling plastic moulding Sydney -- The molten components solidifies quickly after a pre-determined cooling time. As the actual plastic cools, it adopts the design of the desired part. The cooling process is sometimes affected by shrinkage and this is corrected at the injection stage where additional material is allowed to flow into the mould.

  • ASP Plastic moulding Sydney design

  • Ejection -- This utilizes a particular mechanism to push the part out of the mould. Some force need to be exerted since the part adheres to mould. A release agent may be sprayed on the surfaces of the mould to facilitate ejection.
  • Plastic moulding Sydney design and tooling puts into consideration the part design. This includes the draft, wall thickness, radii and corners, ribs and bosses and the weld part lines. The draft describes the level of a taper needed to allow the ejection of the moulded plastic. The ribs are needed to add the structure strength of the part design. The bosses locate, mount and assemble the moulded parts. The radii assist to avoid sharp corners and also help to strengthen the part. Call us today for your plastic moulding Sydney needs.