In addition to being industry leading custom moulders, ASP also holds patents and trademarks, on over 200 products. Use of these products range from applications in mining, cabling, construction and medical sectors. If you have a need for a new solution, wondering if you should replace an existing component with something more efficient, looking to explore alternatives, wanting to move from metal or other hard materials to plastic and looking to reduce your input cost, then we welcome you to contact us. We will be more than happy to sit and discuss ideas with you. All our discussions will be carried out in a confidential manner, if you don’t like us, then you leave with the peace of mind that whatever you discussed with us will always remain confidential.

We have assisted many clients who have made a successful move from metallic products to plastics as the new plastic products are not only cheaper, they have better strength to weight ratios and can also be stronger than metals, also not prone to deterioration from natural elements as in the case of metals, as well as having better and broader chemical resistance.

Advantages of Plastics:

  • Low density and high specific strength,
  • Corrosion and chemical resistance,
  • Electrical and thermal insulation,
  • Design flexibility,
  • Easily shapable,
  • Colouring possibilities, and
  • Reduced total energy cost,

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