Design Services

Our degree qualified Design Engineers are unique in the industry as they bring a mixture of not only design skills but also tool making and moulding skills to the table. The importance of this multi-skilling to customers can not be overestimated as not only is it imperative that products be designed so that they can be manufactured, but also tools must be made to maximise moulding efficiency. Organisations not personally undertaking each of these functions put their customers at risk, and when things go wrong the customer has no one to hold accountable.

Initial designs are undertaken in the latest CAD software, and following customer acceptance our engineers proceed to the construction of detailed part and tooling drawings. Clearly these drawings are not the same as the tooling drawings need to provide for the shrinking of the plastic as it cools.

Where necessary ASP can also provide prototype samples that can be used for demonstration or proof of concept purposes.

In most cases ASP does not charge for its designing services if the ultimate moulding is undertaken by ASP. More importantly from a customer’s perspective, unlike many in the industry, ASP transfers title of the designs to the customer once ASP commences manufacturing.

If you have a design in mind it will cost you nothing to come in and have a coffee while we discuss manufacturing opportunities.