Differentiation Statement

We are one of the oldest plastic companies in Australia. Whilst many of the Plastics companies have moved their operations off-shore, we continue to invest in Australia. We believe in creating jobs and opportunities for local industries. Our management staff sit on boards of Universities, Public Hospital and Professional organisations during their own time and contribute to the community in their own way. They bring the same mentality into ASP, it is not always about making money, and we want opportunities to remain as they were when our long serving staff first entered the job markets.
We have assisted government initiatives, undertaken efforts to assist not for profit organisations and have taken part in healthy living initiatives. We are active contributors to organisation such as:
  • The Penrith Business Alliance,
  • University of Western Sydney,
  • Plastic Industries and Plastics Pioneers,
  • NSW health initiative on electronic medical records (CHIP),
  • The Business Chamber (NSW), and
  • Mamre Homestead.
Our working hours are designed to suit staff that would otherwise be lost to the employment sector. Almost 70% of our staff are females and most work less than 6 hours a day. This is mainly to suit the time around dropping off children to school and picking them up. In addition most of the staff reside in the local area. Most staff enjoy service of at least 10 years, with the number as high as 25 years within senior management.
Thus we see ourselves as being different, in a sense more community and environmentally orientated. We believe these values rub off on our employees in their own personal and public lives and helps groom model and caring citizens who are looked up to and admired by their own community members.