Quality Systems

At ASP Plastics we consider consistent quality to be the cornerstone of our reputation. So much so that it is an entrenched part of our culture; rather than a bunch of manuals gathering dust. Although proud of the formal Quality Accreditation we have, it is necessary to continually ensure staff at all levels are totally committed to guaranteeing our customers’ quality expectations are exceeded. For this reason all employees are empowered to actively participate in continuous improvement processes.

Naturally, our key Quality Assurance personnel hold formal qualifications in disciplines ranging from Process Design to Masters of Engineering. To back up our people we utilise “state of the art” moulding machines coupled with our computer process control system to monitor all machines and environmental variables – the International benchmark for such systems. Not only does this system provide us with production planning capability but also allows full traceability of every aspect of production and materials.

Through the above initiatives ASP Plastics is recognised by the following organisations for our commitment to Quality:

  • Australian Defence Industries,
  • NATO,
  • Standards Australia (ISO 9001:2000),(AS4031),
  • British Standards (BS7320),
  • Ford Quality Standard Q101 (BTR “A” Rating), and
  • Lloyds Register of Quality.