What happy customers have to tell you about us.

  • I have worked with the staff of ASP Plastics for some years now. They are astonishingly hard working and give their all to any task that they undertake, whether it be business or community service. The saying “if you want something done ask a busy company” was written with ASP in mind.
  • Peter Read – Read Consulting
  • “Poolrite Equipment Pty. Ltd. is regarded as Australia’s leading designers and innovators of domestic and semi commercial Swimming Pool and Spa equipment.”
    “ASP Plastics has been a supplier of Quality Products to Poolrite Equipment Pty. Ltd. since 1990, and ASP Plastics has successfully worked with Poolrite on design innovation of the Selector Plate, resulting in manufacturing cost savings and efficiency, we regard them as one of our preferred suppliers of precision injection mouldings.”
  • Tony Briffa
    Poolrite Equipment Pty. Ltd.
  • New product development requires a thorough understanding of the needs of the customer as well as a thorough understanding of what is possible with material and manufacturing variables. Cutabolt depends on ASP Plastics to provide this expertise.The coalmines are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs and remain competitive in the international coal market. One of these cost savings has come from moving from the use of plywood bearing plates to plastic plates. These plates are used to transfer the stress from the coal seam to the rock bolt and may need to be able to withstand loads in excess of 5 tonnes and should continue to provide restraint even after the maximum capacity has been passed. That is they should distort rather than crack.Through a process of design modification and material evaluation ASP has been able to provide Cutabolt with a plastic bearing plate to meet these needs. The use of re-grind has kept the cost down while the choice of polymer and grade, although at face value unconventional, has produced a plate that is superior to anything else on the market.

    The close working relationship between ASP Plastics and Cutabolt (including underground visits to coal mines by ASP personnel!) has been a real win-win situation

  • “I have been working closely with ASP Plastics for over ten years and have no hesitation in saying they have exceeded all expectations. From a manufacturing, on time deliveries and quality perspective they cannot be faulted. Better still, I also work closely with their Design Department and together we design better solutions for my customers”.
  • Ralph Cable
    Managing Director Galvano Plastics Sales Pty. Ltd.