Injection Moulding Services

Large Range of Equipment
Robot Arm

ASP Plastics offers a wide range of machines capable of moulding anything to the size of a single grain of rice (this is a formidable feat in itself) to large and bulky items, to precise and accurate tolerances. The key to injection moulding does not necessarily lie in the size and complexity of the machines; it is largely influenced by the people who work on it. These would be die setters, process workers and above all the supervisory team.

Experience is the key to moulding, not all materials behave in the manner described in their specification charts, as there are a lot of challenges to consider from variables that take effect inside the mould while the plastic melts and forms into shape to those that occur outside the mould. This knowledge comes with years of experience and not achieved over night or from any formal course, it is not something you can learn in a “couple of years”, it comes through experience, years of trial and error, perseverance and long hours spent working and reworking. This type of knowledge in the Plastics Moulding world is well respected within the industry.

ASP has employees in senior roles that have been with the organisation since the late 60s and who have experience in plastics moulding exceeding 45 years. They are capable of moulding or making products that some moulders are unable to as they simply do not possess the experience and or foresight. What difference does that make to you as a customer you may ask? Well, the difference is significant, it can be a matter of making things that work to those that either fail immediately or shortly after, it is a matter of reputation, yours and ours, it is a matter of making a component that will fit a product which could be hundreds of miles away, you do not want to be a in a position where either you or your client is stuck with a component that does not work when important factors are at stake, it is a matter of having a product that will survive the harsh environmental elements, it is a matter of product that will leave a smaller carbon footprint, it is a matter of seeing your product next to another where the quality and built of your product outshines and stands out, it’s a matter of knowing that you made the right choice in selecting your moulding partner. If you are not convinced after reading this, then we invite you to visit us or pick up the phone and talk to us, let us show you what we mean, that we are beyond mere words.