Tool Making Services

It is an often overlooked fact that to be truly successful Toolmakers can not operate without the assistance of Moulders, and likewise Moulders can not operate without the assistance of Toolmakers. It is only through the merging of these highly skilled professions within the one organisation that efficient tools are manufactured.

Failure to have Toolmakers and Moulders within the one organisation often results in a situation where nobody takes responsibility for tools not producing quality products and the customer is left questioning who to hold responsible.

Through its ownership of International Tool and Gauge (ITG) ASP is able to take full accountability for the design and manufacturing of tools and the final moulding of products, thus affording our customers full peace of mind.

In addition to our state of the art tool manufacturing facility in Sydney we also have experience in manufacturing tooling in Europe, the United Kingdom, the Eastern Block, and in Asia. Where we differentiate ourselves is that we will only manufacture tooling off shore where we can have the work undertaken under the full supervision of our senior staff. In this manner we protect the best interests of our customers while ensuring that the tooling meets our exacting standards.

Given the high value of tooling ASP & ITG also offer full tool management services along with full reporting to our customers. We understand that it is not only important to manufacture world class tools but it is equally as important that the tools are maintained throughout their lives.