Penrith City Council Press Release – ASP Group

Located in St Marys, ASP Group is one of the oldest plastic manufacturers in Australia and a leading supplier of equipment to the healthcare sector. Its success is also symbolic of the industrious business community and inventive culture that thrives in Penrith.

The company started producing springs in 1960 before moving into plastics manufacturing in 1971. Since then, the ASP Group has expanded into other sectors, product lines and overseas markets on the strength of its ability to continuously innovate, acquire new businesses and develop successful partnerships with academia and government.

From humble beginnings in Penrith, ASP Healthcare now has over 160 products being widely distributed into more than 39 countries. Growth in this sector also saw the company open a business in the UK in 2005 to support initiatives being launched by UK National Health System. On top of its UK operations, in 2006 ASP started exporting to the US and despite the global financial crisis and increased competition from Asian manufacturers, has thrived.

While many other plastics companies have moved their operations offshore, ASP continues to invest in creating jobs and opportunities for local industries. Their commitment has paid off – not just in business terms but industry recognition and government support.

According to ASP’s Managing Director and Chairman of the Penrith Business Alliance, Paul Brennan, part of the company’s success has been attributed to its location in Penrith and proximity to the University of Western Sydney’s Institute for Infrastructure Engineering. “Based in Western Sydney we are strategically placed to not only enjoy the luxury of space. We are also blessed to be surrounded by leading academic organisations and a community providing us with highly skilled staff” – Paul Brennan, Managing Director, ASP Group.

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