Get your ideas made into a 3D model at minimal cost!

Do you have an idea of a product, something that may be unique? You may feel that nothing like it is available in the market or it could be a something that may just fill the gap that exists in the market place. All you have is a sketch or just an idea in your mind. You know how the product will work but need to see a model of it, something that you can touch and feel or simply have a product that you may wish to improve. What is stopping you is the cost of going through the process. Designers are expensive, making something is not cheap and you are reluctant to invest as you’re not sure if your idea will take off.
If this sounds like you, then we invite you to speak to us. ASP has assisted numerous inventors kick-start the process of getting products into the market. We often help at no cost to the inventor. All you need to do is talk to our industrial designers who will design the product using a CAD program and make a model using our 3D Printer. You can then decide if the product has legs or if it needs improving or simply needs to be canned. You can do all of this with assistance from ASP. What’s in it for us you may ask? Well we hope (no strings attached) that when you are ready to get your product to the market and ready to choose a moulder to manufacture your product, that you will think of us. Even if you don’t, we will never hold it against you. We take pride in seeing our fellow Australians succeed.
Call our friendly team on (02) 8881 9400 to enquire more or alternately write to us at

What is 3D Printing? It is 3 dimensional printing (manufacturing) of a real life 3D model made from a digital file. It is similar to printing something from your computer e.g. pictures, letter etc. In this case the printer is actually making a product!

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